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This Month and beyond


* Vaccination Certificate is required since September 13 *
If you are vaccinated but do not have a 'Certificat Covid' (Pass sanitaire), here is how you can obtain your certificate :   LINK
You will need it to visit exhibits, museums and restaurants.     

Turbo-hydroelectric Powerplant -  Clean Electricity
Wednesday, October 20  14h30

We will visit a most unknown place situated just opposite to the well-known Château de Chillon.
It is an underground powerplant that produces electricity from water stored 900 m higher up at Lac de Hongrin. And, belief it or not, at times it does the opposite pumping water from the lake back up to Lac de Hongrin. Find out why this is done.
One of the halls is bigger than the Cathedral of Lausanne, so you can imagine this is really a most unusual place.
After the visit we will have time to sit outside for coffee or tea at the Café Byron aside the Château de Chillon.    
There is plenty of parking space on either side of the street after passing the C
hâteau and before you reach our meeting place.

Hydro-electric Turbine

We must be a group of ten for the company to organize a guide. If you need à ride to get there please mention it when you sign up.
Date   :  Wednesday, October   20     14h30
Deadline :    Monday, October 18
Meeting :
 14h20 at the building Forces Motrices Hongrin-Léman, av Chillon 16, Veytaux    (Bus stop Grandchamp)    
Cost   :  Visit is free
Contact : or Alicia 021 617 96 73 (leave message)


Alaska - Wilderness for beginners     
by Annemarie Koelliker and Roberto Sabene
Thursday, November 17, 2021 16:00 at La Longeraie, Morges  

After covid-19 has won over our determination to have an event in January and February, and again in March we are now back to try once more to get this interesting presentation realized. This presentation on Alaska will be by FASC speakers Annemarie Koelliker and her husband we know from previous presentations with dual projectors and sound.

Deadline : to be announced
Cost : tbc   will include fingerfood-cocktail
Sign-up : or Alicia Monachon 021 617 96 73 (answering machine).

__________________________________________ Below some cancelled events   _______________________________________

Christmas Dinner   
Saturday, December 5   19:00     Postponed to December 4, 2021  -  More to be announced
Restaurant du Port, 1009 Pully

Due to the actual pandemic situation, the restaurants remained closed on December 5.  For this reason our Christmas Dinner had to be cancelled.

Below what you missed

This year’s Christmas party is to be celebrated jointly, like last year, between ICL & English Speaking/Anglo-Swiss Club of Lausanne at our own room

As usual, please bring along a nicely wrapped present for Santa’s sack (something around CHF 10 will be fine) so that everybody receives a gift. We’ve assured Santa that if his sack is too heavy we will gladly provide an elf or two to help. Rudolph, always trying to find a way of eating his dinner with us and not outside in the cold/rain/snow with all the other reindeer!!   

At popular demand there will be the least challenging Christmas quiz ever ;-)

December 2020 Monthly   


(On the waiting list)  
From North Korea with love by Chris Wegelin
     This November event was cancelled due du corona restrictions
     If possible, it will be presented in autumn 2021

Chris will present a picture tour and some insights into controversial North Korea, named the ‘Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’, a country that is criticized and isolated economically by western powers for its unyielding dictatorship.

The presentation is a non-political narrative with pictures of a trip thought to be a short stop-over on the way to Japan. It was a voyage to an unknown country with no particular expectations, no preconceived ideas and prejudices.  For Chris and his wife Midori it turned out to be a surprise discovery and a pleasant and relaxing adventure on unknown territory.   

The picture tour will take you North, East, West and South. Every day the two discovered new places, saw a new country-side, visited cultural sites and also hiked into colorful mountain valleys.  

Hearing about the ancient and modern history of Korea, the immense hardship for the Korean people that started one hundred years ago and still continues today, prompted understanding and sympathy for the people they met.

<-- Reunification Arch, Pyongyang

Cost :          SFr  25.00  (includes drink and snack)     Sfr 30.00 for non-members


New Year Brunch 2021
Sunday, January 31, 2021          
At Tom Café at the Olympic Museum.  


We absolutely want to have soon a get-together and so we hope our traditional New Year Brunch will be possible. The challenge is that there remain restrictions on gatherings, like the limit of four people per table only. We think that this is acceptable and better than no get-together at all. The other limit is that buffet meals are not allowed and only table service is possible.  

But TOM Café will serve us a menu with various choices. The final menu can only be communicated to us on Friday before the weekend.
To give you an idea, here are two menus they proposed in the past   MENU-1   MENU-2  

Signing up : Mark the event in your agenda. During January an update on the covid restrictions will be announced. We will then let you know on the state of the event.  
Meeting will be at noon and cost is 45 Sfr



     October 20 :   Visit Hydroelectric Powerplant
     November 17 :   Alaska - Wilderness for Beginners
     December 4 :  ICL Christmas Eve     
     January :   New Year Brunch


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