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ICL Bowling Open


An idea initiated by FASC

the Federation of Anglo-Swiss Clubs, has set up a series of games during the year for the FASC member clubs.

Each club organizes its own games. They will be played locally at a date to be convened by the players. And for those who wish their results to participate in the FASC bowling ranking, a place on the podium is possible :-).

Due to changes at FASC the bowling series will not be compiled. However, ICL does continue the Monday meetings at the Miami Bowling Centre at Echichens.

ICL Bowling Open

ICL participates since 2012. Every year the ICL team obtained top ranks.
Scores in 2014-15 : Colin Gamage 850 points, Claude Duboulet 811 and Chris Wegelin 810, totalling 2'471 for the team.
2015-16 :  Claude 904, Chris 835 and Colin 811, totalling 2'550.
2016-17 :  Claude 906, Chris 899, and Colin 818, totalling 2'523.

2017-18 :  Chris 825, Colin 763 and Claude 783, totalling 2'326.
The ICL team tries to do better each season and is determined to not give up even if sometimes scores could be better ;-)

The season

It is divided into three quarters and the first quarter starts on October 1. The last quarter ends on June 30.
Scores will be submitted to FASC, our national club federation, and they will establish an Anglo-Swiss club ranking. You are free to be included or not.

Two games need to be played at each meeting. This should not be too hard on shoulders and elbows.

Our aim is to play and have fun. Scores of other clubs show that they also have beginners and that nobody with a low score has to feel embarassed.

All ICLers are invited, no equipment is needed, and cheer leaders and spectators are welcome.

Below the winning team of the 2015  FASC Bowling Series

How to participate

Meetings are on Mondays at 11h - BUT : Due to current covid restrictions meeting hour might be changed.
Please check or 021 802 22 77 (leave message)

Playing is at Bowling Miami, ch du Tennis, Echandens
Be there 5 minutes ahead of time.
On agreement by the players, extra dates can be arranged.

The 2019-20 FASC bowling series ends o
n June 30, 2020

FASC will compile the results of each player of the three series that started in October.
The player with the highest total and the team with the highest average score will be the winner.

No medals or prize money are
awared - the merit is praise and honor :-)

:  Just show up – entry is open to all. Be on time, no equipment required.
:  Each game costs 4CHF. Shoe rental is 1.50 per meeting is waived if you come regularly.
:   Miami Bowling in Echandens    Map
There is a bar and a cafeteria.

Bowling ICL
:  check here for information on bowling   Info

Contact :  Chris at or 021 802 22 77 (leave message). Contact him for any questions.

Playing guidelines :   Play  (adapted from FASC)

Results   Claude   Colin   Chris

Results 2019-20 FASC Ranking :  "Best Team"
Results 2018-19 FASC Ranking :  1st place (unofficial)
Results 2017-18 FASC Ranking :  1st place
Results 2016-17 FASC Ranking :  1st place
Results 2014-15 FASC Ranking :  1st place
Results 2013-14 FASC Ranking :   LINK
Results 2012-13 FASC Ranking :   LINK
Results 2011-12 FASC Ranking :   LINK

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