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June Event   

    Visit of the Cathedral of Lausanne and Lunch at 'Le Vieux Lausanne'.
    Tuesday, June 13  

More on this event at  Events+Activities

Recent Past

Léon Spilliaert at l’Hermitage
“Avec la Mer du Nord”
Wednesday, 15 March

There are two reasons to visit the hill-side institution above Lausanne, the Hermitage. One is for their restaurant L'Esquisse,  the other for their exhibits.

Presently l'Hermitage is devoting a major major retrospective of Léon Spilliaert (Ostend 1881 – Brussels 1946), one of the most important representatives of Belgian art in the early 20th century. Convinced that he was destined to be an artist, Spilliaert was self-taught, his thinking shaped by the literature of his time. He created his profoundly original work almost entirely on paper, combining different graphic techniques in images imbued with metaphysical questioning and Flemish culture. His art can be linked to the Symbolism and Expressionism of his time, while the extreme simplification of his most radical landscapes seems to herald geometrical abstraction and minimalism.


Valentine's Fondue  Brunch   
Tuesday, February 14
Pinte du XXème Siècle, Morges

It’s winter time and it is cold outside. February 14 is Valentine’s Day, so isn’t there a better way than sit together, to stay warm inside and share a fondue?

Where ?  We have chosen la pinte ‘Au XXème Siècle’ in Morges. Many of you have been there before. It is located down-town near the postal office and the Grand-Rue. The 'Vingtième' is a traditional Vaudois bistro, one of the few remaining and just visiting this historic place is worthwhile coming to Morges ! And their fondue is always excellent based on a secret formulae of no less than, would you believe it, four cheeses.

New Year Brunch   
Sunday, January 22   13:00

at Le Pointu, Lausanne

A group of more than a dozen weathered their way through the sub-zero temperatures and a biting bise to the restaurant Le Pointu known for their brunch.
Everyone enjoyed the relaxed and lively place with good food and friendly service.

Have a look at the pictures


Christmas Dinner
Was held on December 9, 2022


Like for the past two Christmas Dinners, this year we will again share the evening with our fellow club ES&ASC, the English Speaking and Anglo-Swiss Club. They have chosen the venue and are also organizing the evening. Below the information they have sent us :
Venue is the restaurant l’Orée des Bois in Cugy, which as you will see on the second page below, is proposing a tempting choice of menus. There is also plenty of parking space around the restaurant.
As ever, do please bring an attractively wrapped present for Santa’s sack; something simple of around 10 francs is perfect – the important thing is for everyone to receive a nice gift. Santa’s sack is (like Santa himself) showing its age and we hope that neither will collapse on the night ... be assured they made it well through the evening.


Botswana : Alone in the Heart of Africa  
Was held on Wednesday, 23 November
A presentation by Annemarie Kölliker and Roberto Saibene

In summer 2021 Annemarie and Roberto managed despite the Covid pandemic, to complete their planned trip to one of the most unspoiled regions of Africa. During three weeks they travelled by jeep, boat, dugout canoes and small planes through the wilderness. and to far places. They were almost the only visitors in the middle of the savannahs and unspoiled countryside and often lived in tents or small lodges.

On countless, exhausting safari tours in the Okavango Delta and other national parks, they could admire the rich animal world. Shy big cats and countless hoofed animals always provided exciting encounters.
Botswana also has by far the largest population of elephants. They, together with the rich and colorful birdlife, were one of the highlights of the trip.


Vallée de Joux : Autumn colors and Watchmaking   Pictures HERE
Wednesday, October 19

Names like Audemar-Piguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre et Breguet are names that are known all over the world. They are just three of other Swiss watchmakers which have their headquarters and production sites in the Vallée de Joux. Why high-precision watchmaking came to the Vallée you will learn on the day of your visit.   
The Vallée is also a nice destination because of its picturesque countryside with the Dent de Vaulion and the lake.
We will stop at Le Pont for lunch near the lake shore. Afterwards, we shall move on to the Jaeger-LeCoultre manufacture, or for those who have not signed up, to the watch museum ‘Espace horloger’.
The day was blessed with nice weather so everyone
enjoyed the outing with great country-side, good gastronomy and discovery in watchmaking.

LeCoultre at Le Sentier and Jaeger in Paris :  A family affair  LINK

Watchmaking (by Foundation of High Horlogy) :    History


Château de Prangins and Garden – Welcome Back   Pictures HERE
Was held on Sunday, September 25

September is the month where ICL starts again its activities with the Welcome Back event. We will have a brunch and afterward go on a guided visit of the gardens. The Château de Prangins was modified in 1998 from a residence into a Swiss national museum. Besides the indoor exhibits it has a vast
vegetable garden where more than 200 old varieties of fruit and vegetables can be found. We will have a guide to visit this exceptional garden.


Aubonne : A Charming Town   Pictures HERE
Was held on June 15

Fine dining and guided Town Walk

Aubonne is kind of a hidden, overlooked town despite that it is easily recognized by the round tower of the château that dominates the medieval town and its vineyards and can be seen from far away. Even Wikipedia does not have any relevant information on it.

The château dates back to the 13th century (1236-42) and the town developed around it. The picturesque houses, the narrow streets and the inner courtyard of the Château are to be discovered on foot.

And this is what over a dozen ICLers did ... it took them 2,5 hours !


Annual General Assembly
Held on Wednesday 18  -   Longeraie, Morges

Major items :   
 -  Minutes of the AGM 2021 and the accounts and budget were accepted    
 -  Membership dues were accepted as 100 for couple, 70 for single.   
 -  The four members of the committee have confirmed to stay for another year   
 -  Lacking participation in running ICL a merger with another club could be a solution   
 -  A questionnaire was handed out to learn about activity interests.


Art Nouveau - Musée d'Art Pully
Guided Tour  
The visit was preceeded by a lunch at  NOON             
Wednesday, April 20

Before we went on a private guided tour at the Musée de Pully, we were twelve who joined for lunch at the restaurant Le Prieuré before the museum visit.
Art Nouveau, also known as Jugendstil, was a reaction against the academic art, eclecticism and historicism of 19th century architecture and decoration. It was most popular between 1890 and 1910 during the Belle Époque period.
One major objective of Art Nouveau was to break down the traditional distinction between fine arts (especially painting and sculpture) and applied arts. It was most widely used in interior design, graphic arts, furniture, glass art, textiles, ceramics, jewelry and metal work. (Wikipedia)


North Korea
Wednesday, March 16

The presentation is a non-political narrative with pictures of a trip thought to be a short stop-over on the way to Japan. It was a voyage to an unknown country with no particular expectations, no preconceived ideas and prejudices.  For Chris and his wife Midori it turned out to be a surprise discovery and a pleasant and relaxing adventure on unknown territory.    

The picture tour will take you North, East, West and South. Every day the two discovered new places, saw a new country-side, visited cultural sites and also hiked into colorful mountain valleys.   

Hearing about the ancient and modern history of Korea, the immense hardship for the Korean people that started one hundred years ago and still continues today, prompted understanding and sympathy for the people they met.


Valentine Fondue
Monday, February 14  

For Valentine’s Day we had fondue at the Café Romand, the typical and historic brasserie at Place Saint-François located in the heart of Lausanne. The place was packed so we had time for getting hungry.
We had chosen lunch time so we didn't have to deal with traffic and darkness in the evening.


New Year Get-together
Sunday, January 23, 2022    

Instead of a brunch buffet we had to opt for a brunch because covid regulations asked to be seated allowing masks to be removed.

La Débarcadère, better known for its outside summer terrace with its spectacular view on the lake side park and Lausanne, turned out to be the ideal place. With zero temperatures we were happy to stay in the warm indoor restaurant. With good spirits and excellent food and wine the joyful group of ICLers enjoyed a fantastic New Year get-together.   


Christmas Dinner
Saturday, December 4, 2021


This year’s Christmas party was celebrated jointly, like in 2019, between ICL and English Speaking&Anglo-Swiss Club of Lausanne at he Restaurant du Port in Pully.

Almost thirty joined the evening which made the task of our Santa not an easy one. But with the help of an elf everyone who behaved well over the year, got a gift from him.

View the pictures   

During the excellent dinner our group was challenged with a quiz with questions that required extensive knowledge and deep insight. To the great surprise there were no loosers and all participating tables were winners because the final score was the same for all.  Pictures will be posted soon.


Turbo-hydroelectric Powerplant -  Clean Electricity
Wednesday, October 20,  2021

We visited a most unknown place situated just a stone-throw away from the well-known Château de Chillon.
It is an underground powerplant that produces electricity from water stored 900 m higher up at Lac de Hongrin. And, belief it or not, at times it does the opposite:
pumping water from the lake back up to Lac de Hongrin. We found out why this is done.
One of the halls is bigger than the Cathedral of Lausanne, so you can imagine this is really a most unusual place.
After the visit we stopped for coffe, tea and snack
at the Café Byron aside the Château de Chillon.    


Welcome Back ICL  
Thursday, September 16, 2021

Our traditional Welcome Back gathering, after the summer break, was
held in Lausanne at the Brasserie Montbenon, formerly known as the Casino. The building was recently modernized with great care and respect for the art deco style of the place.

As the weather, to the joy of the farmers and home gardeners, was finally bringing the long awaited rain, we had to move from the garden to the inside and had our apéritif at the entrance bar. Lu
nch was then served at the brasserie and the time we spent was enjoyed by everyone.

Lakeside Terrace Lunch  -  Club Nautique de Morges
June 30, 2021

Due to popular demand, expressed at the AGM, to get together for lunch before the closing of the ICL year, we will organize a lunch at the Club Nautique de Morges. Their terrace is ‘pied dans l’eau’ and it is possible to order à la carte or choose the plat du jour.
Despite seating restrictions limited to four per table everyone enjoyed the time spent on the covered terrace with the spectacular scenery


Musée Alexis Forel Morges
Exhibition of paintings of Emmeline and Alexis Forel
June 16, 2021
Originally from Morges and Saint-Prex, Emmeline and Alexis Forel leave their family to fulfill their vocation as artists in the city which is at the center of the world of art in the 19th century.
And like many of their peers, they made the trip to Brittany, then a major artistic meeting place, marked by the presence of Gauguin and the Pont-Aven School, but also by artists from all walks of life.
The prints for Alexis, pastels and oil paintings for Emmeline - reflect the richness of their experiences and the joys of their discoveries. We had the chance to have a guide who brought life to their works with her explanations.

After the visit we had time to sit together on the terrace on the main street in Morges. An afternoon that made everybody happy.


A Travelogue on Myanmar by Alicia Monachon
Thursday, October 15, 2020

Myanmar, formerly Burma, is located in Southeast Asia and is referred to as the “Land of a Thousand Pagodas”, which is an understatement. Since the easing of a tourism boycott in 2010, huge numbers of visitors have been attracted to visit this country.
Together we will discover some of the country’s beautiful sites, starting with the city of Yangon, with its vibrant street life and home to the most revered monument, the majestic Shwedagon Pagoda.  
Then we continue on to Bagan region, with its archeological zone sprinkled with more than 2,200 surviving temples, shrines & stupas.  
We move on to the region of Mandalay with its wood carvers and marble stone cutters, and the famous U’Bein (Teak) Bridge. And lastly, the Lake Inle region with the Intha fishermen, with their special technique of fishing, stilt villages and floating gardens.


Valentine Fondue
February 14, 2020           You can view some pictures at   Latest
At the basserie XXe Siècle, Morges

February 14 is Valentine’s Day and we wish to spend a nice moment sitting together around a table and sharing a fondue. Is there a better way to enjoy this day?

Where ? We have chosen la pinte ‘Au XXème Siècle’ in Morges, at Passage de la Couronne 5. It is near the postal office in Morges. Some of you remember the place because we've been there before.

This is a traditional Vaudois bistro, one of the few remaining and just visiting this historic place is worthwhile coming to Morges !  


Welcome Back 2019  
Sunday September 15

After the summer break that offered us great weather and long summer days we are back to resume our activities. And there is no better way to meet on a terrace in the shade of a pergola situated in a parc in the center of Lausanne
to warm up friendship and begin with joy the new ICL season.   

As we were at the Hermitage, a visit of the current exhibition was a must. The theme then was on shadows and the exhibition was called "Shadows from the Renaissance to the Present Day". Here is the link for information of the exhibition   Shadows


ICL joins Federation of Anglo Swiss Clubs on boat ride
Saturday May 25  

On May 25 the Federation of Anglo Swiss Clubs (FASC) held its annual general meeting, the AGM, in Lausanne. ICL is a member of FASC and is hosting the Federation for their meeting on that day. The AGM took place on the 'La Suisse', a beautifully restored veteran steam boat while cruising from Lausanne in the direction of Montreux.

The members of the FASC affiliated clubs were invited for the day and treated to lunch. ICL was well represented to come along on this cruise with views of the shores of the la Riviera and the UNESCO vineyards and its villages.  Pictures


Le Parlement Vaudois, Lausanne
Thursday, March 14

The home of the Grand Conseil,
the Parliament, welcomes the 150 deputies of the Grand Conseil vaudois. The place was ravaged by a fire in 2002 and the Parliament provisionally installed in the aula of the Palais de Rumine. It took 15 years to plan and agree on how to design and rebuilt the premises in a way that would honor its historic past.
Visit was in English and afterwards we stayed for coffee at the coffee shop of the parliament.


Eco-recycling :  On-site visit
at Ecorecyclage, Lavigny             MAP

In the eighties burning organic waste from agriculture and private homes was forbidden by law. This ended the area where quantities of potential energy and useful recuperation material was wasted, not to mention the pollution it caused.

This is when Luc Germanier, an established gardener in Lavigny, started the ambitous project to collect all green waste and recycle it into compost, fertilizer and bio-gas. The challenge was enormous as little was known about green waste processing at large scale. Furthermore, even if technical difficulties could be resolved, the idea also needed the participation of those who could furnish the compostable material. Communes and the population had to be won and collecting systems be set up to finally have enough material to make industrial processing viable. Today over 60 communes nearby participate and a local gaz company agreed to collect the naturally produced gaz and introduce it into their distribution network.

Doesn't this sound like an interesting subject worth a visit on site ? The visit takes about one hour and a half.

It was a very interesting visit that revealed how much we can to to recycle just about anything organic we used to bury or burn in the past. We were eighteen.

The warm and sunny weather was just perfect to have a drink on the terrace at the lodge of the SwinGolf Lavigny and we stayed till five o'clock.

Photos will be posted soon.


Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy
Exhibition at Fondation Bolle

The man who for a long time refused an exhibition dedicated to him, considering that only Balenciaga - his mentor and friend - deserved this homage, honors us to come to the shore of Lake Geneva for his only third ever world retrospective. For Morges and its region, as well as Switzerland as a whole, it is certainly an exceptional venue.


This Morges event will play the card of intimacy. It will reveal a relationship that changed the codes of fashion and imprinted the style of future generations. No other exhibition in the world has presented such an overview of the great French fashion designer and the British actress. In total, more than fifty dresses, hats and accessories from Maison Givenchy, private collections and prestigious museums will be exhibited. Forty sketches made especially for the exhibition by Hubert de Givenchy will complement the pieces of haute couture.

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