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Vaccination Certificate is required after September 13
If you are vaccinated but do not have a 'Certificat Covid' (Pass sanitaire), here is how you can obtain your certificate.
Click on this   
LINK             You may need it to visit exhibits, museums and restaurants.

Welcome Back  
On September 16 we will meet at Brasserie Montbenon to start the 2021-22 season with a Welcome Back Lunch.  
More at  Event+Activities

End 2020-21 ICL year  
To mark the occasion and to catch up a little bit after so many missed events, we had two events in June. A visit to the exhibit of the two Forels Alexis and Emiline, and a lakeside terrace lunch in Morges. These events were well attended and enjoyed by all those who had a chance to participate.
Cancelled events
All cancelled events below are only postponed.   
Thus nothng is lost and you can look forward to attending them in the future.

April :  
The presentation on Alaska had to be cancelled.
February and March Events :
 Valentine Fondue and March event were cancelled.

New Year Brunch-Lunch : Cancelled, restaurants still being closed.
Christmas Dinner :
 Restaurants being closed our Christmas Diner had to be cancelled.  
November :  North Korea presentation is postponed

Membership renewal : All members have renewed. Thank you.


Recent Past

Welcome Back ICL  
Thursday, September 16

Our traditional Welcome Back gathering, after the summer break, was
held in Lausanne at the Brasserie Montbenon, formerly known as the Casino. The building was recently modernized with great care and respect for the art deco style of the place.

As the weather, to the joy of the farmers and home gardeners, was finally bringing the long awaited rain, we had to move from the garden to the inside and had our apéritif at the entrance bar. Lu
nch was then served at the brasserie and the time we spent was enjoyed by everyone.

Lakeside Terrace Lunch  -  Club Nautique de Morges
June 30

Due to popular demand, expressed at the AGM, to get together for lunch before the closing of the ICL year, we will organize a lunch at the Club Nautique de Morges. Their terrace is ‘pied dans l’eau’ and it is possible to order à la carte or choose the plat du jour.
Despite seating restrictions limited to four per table everyone enjoyed the time spent on the covered terrace with the spectacular scenery


Musée Alexis Forel Morges
Exhibition of paintings of Emmeline and Alexis Forel
June 16
Originally from Morges and Saint-Prex, Emmeline and Alexis Forel leave their family to fulfill their vocation as artists in the city which is at the center of the world of art in the 19th century.
And like many of their peers, they made the trip to Brittany, then a major artistic meeting place, marked by the presence of Gauguin and the Pont-Aven School, but also by artists from all walks of life.
The prints for Alexis, pastels and oil paintings for Emmeline - reflect the richness of their experiences and the joys of their discoveries. We had the chance to have a guide who brought life to their works with her explanations.

After the visit we had time to sit together on the terrace on the main street in Morges. An afternoon that made everybody happy.


Annual General Meeting
Held on May 19, 2021
At La Longeraie, Morges


Half of our membership attended the meeting which turned out to be the perfect occasion to not only 'talk business' but also to get together again.

All reports were unanimously accpeted. It was agreed to lower the membership fee because of the ondgoing pandemic situation. The budget will for this reason be deficitary. This is no problem as the financial situation of the club is sound.
The ICL members were excited to continue the adventure and the standing committee was unanimously reconfirmed to stay for another year.

After the meeting ICLers were treeated to tea or coffee or wine, accompanied by delicious sweet or salted mignardises.


A Travelogue on Myanmar by Alicia Monachon
Thursday, October 15

Myanmar, formerly Burma, is located in Southeast Asia and is referred to as the “Land of a Thousand Pagodas”, which is an understatement. Since the easing of a tourism boycott in 2010, huge numbers of visitors have been attracted to visit this country.
Together we will discover some of the country’s beautiful sites, starting with the city of Yangon, with its vibrant street life and home to the most revered monument, the majestic Shwedagon Pagoda.  
Then we continue on to Bagan region, with its archeological zone sprinkled with more than 2,200 surviving temples, shrines & stupas.  
We move on to the region of Mandalay with its wood carvers and marble stone cutters, and the famous U’Bein (Teak) Bridge. And lastly, the Lake Inle region with the Intha fishermen, with their special technique of fishing, stilt villages and floating gardens.


General Meeting 2020
Held on September 23, 2020
La Longeraie, Morges

Summary Report

a)  The reports of the committee, the treasury, budget and auditing were accepted.
b)  The financial situation continues to be sound.
c)  A breakeven situation is budgeted for next year.  
d)  Membership fee was accepted to remain the same.
e)  The future of ICL was discussed. Merger with another Lausanne placed club remains an option.
f)   Proposed constitution changes were accepted.
g)  The actual committee has two elected officers, and two advisory members.
h)  Membership has decreased by two. ICL has eleven nationalities.

The next meeting is planned to be held in May 2021


Valentine Fondue
February 14, 2020           You can view some pictures at   Latest
At the basserie XXe Siècle, Morges

February 14 is Valentine’s Day and we wish to spend a nice moment sitting together around a table and sharing a fondue. Is there a better way to enjoy this day?

Where ? We have chosen la pinte ‘Au XXème Siècle’ in Morges, at Passage de la Couronne 5. It is near the postal office in Morges. Some of you remember the place because we've been there before.

This is a traditional Vaudois bistro, one of the few remaining and just visiting this historic place is worthwhile coming to Morges !  


ICL New Year Brunch              Invitation
Sunday, January 26 2020  

With the busy end-of-the-year season behind us we invite you to join our first ICL event in 2020 and always a popular get together for a New Year Brunch.
We chose the Hotel Alpha Palmiers which with its tropical interior is just the right place to begin the year and get together in a cold winter month. It is located right in the center of Lausanne on Rue du Petit-Chêne which connects Place St François and the train station.


Christmas Evening
December 7, 2019

The International Club of Lausanne and the English Speaking and Anglo-Swiss Club celebrated the end-of-the-year season with a joint event at the restaurant La Treille in Prilly. Equally attended by both clubs we were about thirty to enjoy the evening with excellent food, a rather difficult quizz and a Santa Claus visit distributing generously a gift for everyone.


Welcome Back 2019  
Sunday September 15

After the summer break that offered us great weather and long summer days we are back to resume our activities. And there is no better way to meet on a terrace in the shade of a pergola situated in a parc in the center of Lausanne
to warm up friendship and begin with joy the new ICL season.   

As we were at the Hermitage, a visit of the current exhibition was a must. The theme then was on shadows and the exhibition was called "Shadows from the Renaissance to the Present Day". Here is the link for information of the exhibition   Shadows


ICL joins Federation of Anglo Swiss Clubs on boat ride
Saturday May 25  

On May 25 the Federation of Anglo Swiss Clubs (FASC) held its annual general meeting, the AGM, in Lausanne. ICL is a member of FASC and is hosting the Federation for their meeting on that day. The AGM took place on the 'La Suisse', a beautifully restored veteran steam boat while cruising from Lausanne in the direction of Montreux.

The members of the FASC affiliated clubs were invited for the day and treated to lunch. ICL was well represented to come along on this cruise with views of the shores of the la Riviera and the UNESCO vineyards and its villages.  Pictures


Le Parlement Vaudois, Lausanne
Thursday, March 14

The home of the Grand Conseil,
the Parliament, welcomes the 150 deputies of the Grand Conseil vaudois. The place was ravaged by a fire in 2002 and the Parliament provisionally installed in the aula of the Palais de Rumine. It took 15 years to plan and agree on how to design and rebuilt the premises in a way that would honor its historic past.
Visit was in English and afterwards we stayed for coffee at the coffee shop of the parliament.


ICL New Year Brunch
At the Museum Olympique Tom Café

All the end of the year celebrations and festivities behind we have now an occasion to realize our new year resolutions ... don't drink, don't smoke eat right and be happy !
A brunch on Sunday at Tom Café is just the right place: the café is on the top floor of the Olympic Museum and has one of the most sought-after terraces of the whole of Lausanne offering spectacular views of the lake and with clear weather, of the mountains on the French side. The interior is contemporary and the colourful décor has a distinctly
sporty theme ...


Presentation and talk on Australia    
La Longeraie, Morges

More than just kangaroos, deserts and beaches

The speakers
Annemarie Koelliker and Roberto Saibene will highlight together with a multi-vision show many amazing landscapes: towering forests, marshland, surreal canyons and rock formations, charming wine regions and wild coasts from North to South. They travelled by jeep, mobile home, scenic flights and car, yet hiking provided the most impressive landscapes.


Talk on Venezuela
La Longeraie, Morges

Who knows Venezuela, the country in the north of South America ?
Learn about Venezuela, its geography and its history as well as the women of Venezuela. Discover its music which is a product of the cultural interbreeding between Europe, Africa and the inhabitant natives. Including details of the musical instruments which are used and in particular the national instrument of Venezuela which is the cuatro.


Assembly General Meeting
May 30, 2018
The meeting was held at La Longeraie. Major items were :

-  Accounts and Budget were accepted.
-  Alicia Monachon accpeted to remain treasurer for another year
-  All committee members offered to stay in their function
-  ICL will host the AGM for Fasc next year
-  The future of ICL was discussed

The meeting was followed by a short but interesting presentation by Paquita Aeschlimann about the origins of the city of Lausanne. A joyfull apéritif ended the evening.



Eco-recycling :  On-site visit
at Ecorecyclage, Lavigny             MAP

In the eighties burning organic waste from agriculture and private homes was forbidden by law. This ended the area where quantities of potential energy and useful recuperation material was wasted, not to mention the pollution it caused.

This is when Luc Germanier, an established gardener in Lavigny, started the ambitous project to collect all green waste and recycle it into compost, fertilizer and bio-gas. The challenge was enormous as little was known about green waste processing at large scale. Furthermore, even if technical difficulties could be resolved, the idea also needed the participation of those who could furnish the compostable material. Communes and the population had to be won and collecting systems be set up to finally have enough material to make industrial processing viable. Today over 60 communes nearby participate and a local gaz company agreed to collect the naturally produced gaz and introduce it into their distribution network.

Doesn't this sound like an interesting subject worth a visit on site ? The visit takes about one hour and a half.

It was a very interesting visit that revealed how much we can to to recycle just about anything organic we used to bury or burn in the past. We were eighteen.

The warm and sunny weather was just perfect to have a drink on the terrace at the lodge of the SwinGolf Lavigny and we stayed till five o'clock.

Photos will be posted soon.


Lecture on the discovery of the grave Philip II
Presented by Prof. Fabien Loizedda   

Born in 383 BC, Philip was head of the Greek kingdom of Macedonia from 359 BC until he was assassinated in 336 BC in the town of Aegae by the captain of his bodyguards. Upon Philip's death, his son Alexander became king at the age of 20. In 1977 and 1978 two male skeletons were excavated in what were later dubbed royal tombs in Vergina, former Aegae, central Macedonia in northern Greece.


Nestle's 'Nest' on Sunday, September 24    Some photos HERE

Henri Nestlé (1814-1890) was a merchant, chemist, businessman and inventor. In 1867 he founded Nestlé, today the world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company. The ICL board proposes to relive Nestlé's unique journey through exciting experiences: to discover the humble beginnings and the values of Nestlé; to delve into the tastes and images of our childhood; to visit a mini factory in order to weigh and scan the products; to explore the challenges that Nestlé faces today; and to learn more about the link between nutrition and health.


Visit and Brunch
Fondation Hermitage, Lausanne

Chefs-d'œuvre de la collection Bührle ... Pissarro, Manet, Degas, Sisley, Monet, Renoir, Cézanne, Gauguin et Van Gogh  

The Bührle collection, brought together by the Zurich industrialist Emil Georg Bührle (1890-1956) includes paintings by the most important Impressionist artists of the 19th and 20th centuries such as Manet, Degas, Renoir, Monet, Pissaro and Sisley and works by Cezanne, Gauguin and Van Gogh.  Our steps will also cross the history of modern art, as well as Romanticism and Realism to the emergence of modern painting.  


Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy
Exhibition at Fondation Bolle

The man who for a long time refused an exhibition dedicated to him, considering that only Balenciaga - his mentor and friend - deserved this homage, honors us to come to the shore of Lake Geneva for his only third ever world retrospective. For Morges and its region, as well as Switzerland as a whole, it is certainly an exceptional venue.

This Morges event will play the card of intimacy. It will reveal a relationship that changed the codes of fashion and imprinted the style of future generations. No other exhibition in the world has presented such an overview of the great French fashion designer and the British actress. In total, more than fifty dresses, hats and accessories from Maison Givenchy, private collections and prestigious museums will be exhibited. Forty sketches made especially for the exhibition by Hubert de Givenchy will complement the pieces of haute couture.


Lecture on Afghanistan by Mr Hans Maag

Hans Maag will introduce us to Afghanistan as it was at the end of King Zahir Shah reign: a beautiful country with proud and respectful people. He lived and worked there from the 1970's and will explain how he came to his job in Kabul. According to the pictures of that time we will be able to see how things have certainly changed today.


Lecture on bio-nanotechnology

Prof. Sandro Carrera is a former professor of optical and electrical biosensors a the Department of Electrical Engineering and Biophysics of the Universiy of Genoa, and a former professor of nanobiotechnology at the University of Bologna.
His scientific interests are on electrical phenomena of nano-bio-structured films.

What is nanotechnology
The National Nanotechnology Initiative, defines nanotechnology as the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular and suprmolecular scale with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometers. One nanometer (nm) is one billionth of a meter. To put that scale in another context, the comparative size of a nanometer to a meter is the same as that of a marble to the size of the earth.
Nanotechnology may be able to create many new materials and devices with a vast range of applications, such as in nanomedicine, nanoelectronics, biomaterials energy production, and consumer products. It may be used for coating oxidating materials.
An area of concern is the effect that industrial-scale manufacturing and use of nanomaterials may have on human health and the environment. For these reasons, some groups advocate that nanotechnology be regulated. Inhaling airborne nanoparticles and nanofibers may lead to a number of pulmonary diseases such as fibrosis.


Lecture on Antarctica by Annemarie Koelliker

A three week expedition to the South Polar Sea has led our speakers from the most southerly tip of Argentina to the Antarctuc Peninsula. Millions of penguins, seals, whales, orcas, birds and countless icebergs have accompanie them during the voyages on the open seas.

The presentation gave us an impression of the incredible diverse beauty of this inhospitabe region.



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